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This publication was developed by Hybrid Publishing, founded by the Willem de Kooning Academy as a means of profiling and disseminating outstanding research conducted by its students and teaching staff, whether independently or in collaboration with external partners. Researching and experimenting across a broad range of processes native to digital and analog media, WdKA Hybrid Publishing fosters novel approaches to design, authoring, reading and dissemination made possible through ongoing developments from the legacies of Gutenberg’s press to present-day technologies. (

Authors: Clara Balaguer, Florian Cramer, Rolf Engelen, Deanna Herst, Aldje van Meer, Vanessa Jane Phaff, Michelle Teran, and Sjoerd Westbroek.
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A special thanks to the publication station and specifically André Castro for helping to set up the workflow for this publication and solving challenges in the web development. Thank you to Gijs de Heij for continuing to guide us through these challenges and making sure that we could finish the publication. And a big thank you to Renée Turner for the editorial support and guidance.