+ The Autonomous Fabric

Interviews with artist-run, self-organized spaces
and initiatives in Rotterdam, recorded in 2018.

Interviewers: Simon Kentgens and Eva Olthof
Camera and editing: Florian Cramer

The Autonomous Fabric is initiated by the Autonomous Practices department of Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. It researches the ways in which self-organised artist and activist practices manifest themselves and how they can shape society. For more information see: https://autonomousfabric.org/.

Rowan van As, Sunny Side Up, 00:32

Zoë Cochia, Niffo, 00:40

Yin Yin Wong, Publication Studio Rotterdam, 00:38

Natalia Sorzano & Madison Bycroft, Ghost, 00:46

Maurice Specht, Leeszaal Rotterdam West, 00:35

Merve Kılıçer, Wolfart Projectspace, 00:43

Tender Center collective, Tender Center, 00:49

Karin de Jong, PrintRoom, 00:36

Maziar Afrassiabi, Rib, 00:44